GED SAT Webinar

GED+SAT Webinar

The GED+ SAT webinar focuses on a popular option which is recognised in South Africa as a foreign matric alternative and which therefore enables candidates to apply to universities and colleges for further study at tertiary level.

The GED is recognised as an American certification and a foreign conditional matric certificate WITH university exemption will be issued if the GED is combined with one of the following:

  1. a letter of acceptance from a university in the USA
  2. a SAT with the required score.

The GED + SAT webinar will tell you all this and more:

  • What exactly is the GED?
  • How do we go about getting it?
  • What study materials should we use? Where can we find them?
  • What does it cost? [much less than other matric options!]
  • Where do we write it?
  • How do we book the tests?
  • How do we get a paper copy of the certificate?
  • What about the SAT?

The SAT is a test used to measure a university ‘readiness’. It is widely used in the USA and is internationally recognised.

The webinar will also focus on how to prepare for the SAT.

  • How to find the test dates
  • How to book the tests
  • How to order a paper copy of your results.
  • How to submit your GED and SAT to the appropriate bodies in South Africa in order to have an equivalency certificate issued.
  • Inspiring success stories about real homeschoolers who have written the GED (+ SAT)

Save yourself hours of time searching the internet to find the relevant information. Its all been done for you and presented in a 1 hour webinar. You can download it instantly and watch it at your convenience.

25 September 2016 – This webinar is in the process of being updated as information about both the GED® and the SAT has changed. In March 2016 the new SAT test was introduced and in May 2017 the new 2014 GED® test series will be implemented in South Africa.

All past and present clients will receive a notification with a link to the updated version as soon as it is available.

For up to date information, please visit my new website, at I am now offering the online GED® classes, powered by Essential Education’s GED Academy™