Thank You from Kayleigh

In December 2015, many in the homeschooling community and others Helped Kayleigh get to Zim, by contributing towards her expenses to travel to Zimbabwe to represent South Africa for gymnastics at an International competition. This is a belated thank you from Kayleigh.


“To all of those who helped by donations, money, or buying the webinars, and all the support, I just want to thank you so much for helping Kayleigh (me) get to Zimbabwe for the Region 5(Zone 6) competition on December 7-12th 2016, and I apologize that this is only being sent out now, but you made a very amazing experience come true for me and helping me to compete for our country.

Early December 7th morning, I arrived at the cape town airport with my coach and 3 other gymnasts from my club, then we met up with the other gymnasts coming from the Western Cape and later flew to Johannesburg to meet up with the whole South African gymnastics team that was competing at Harare.

In total the team was about 86 people, 66 Gymnasts and 20 Judges, coaches and officials that came from SA alone.

When we arrived in Harare, two  buses came to pick us up and take us to our accommodation.

We had two training days before  the competition started. I competed on the Saturday afternoon and our team placed 2nd, in solo awards I came in 8th place.

After all the competitions, we had a formal dinner on the last night of our stay.

This message is a very late thank you note, for being such a great support and helping with everything so much. Your contribution helped me to enjoy this exciting experience of representing our country.

So thank you so much for everything.

Regards from Kayleigh Erwee”